Bird Watching

 The Yala Adventure is a recognised “Bird Friendly Resort” and a Coorporate member of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka. You will hear the song and chatter of birds from the moment your arrive and the dawn chorus that greets early risers is a cheerful start to the day.

Sri Lanka is a famous destination for bird watching not just in the dedicated bird sanctuaries but also in such places as our lake, the Yoda Wewa, which provides a natural feeding ground for birds. We have limited our enroachment on the habitat of birds and, in fact, have added to their habitat with the creation of our organic fruit and vegetable garden, which attracts even more birds.

Our naturalist will take you on a walk around our garden or a trek through the neighbouring wilderness, or by bicycle along the jungle tracks or by boat on the lake, to observe the dozens of indigenous and migrant birds that frequent this vicinity. We have prepared an illustrated list of the 165 birds that can be seen, so you can identify them and record the sighting.

Sri Lanka provides home for more than 447 bird species including 36 endemics. The migration of birds starts from November and reaches its peak in December. The Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, the national affiliate of Bird Life International, has declared each December as the National Bird Month, thus this is a particularly good time for bird watching at The Yala Adventure.

What is included: A guided tour by our naturalist; mineral water for the longer tours; The Yala Adventure bird checklist; binoculars; guide books


  • Home Garden –      Duration 1 hour
  • Around The Lake –  Duration  3 hours
  • Village & Jungle Trekking – Duration half a day/Full Day



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