Abseiling is the sport of descending a near-vertical surface using a doubled rope running through a fraction device or coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point. It is also known as Rappelling.

You can practise abseiling under safe conditions at our special abseiling station set up on the roof of our 60ft watch tower. We have fixed moorings on the roof and certified, internationally sourced equipment including harness and safety ropes. Abseiling can only be done in the presence of our licensed instructor who will give preliminary training and assist in this exciting sport.

The adrenalin rush experienced after stepping off the tower into space above the wilderness and abseiling down the smooth side of the watch tower to arrive safely on the ground, is invigorating. It is a sport that builds up confidence and strength as well as an appreciation of the free flow of flying through the air like the wild birds and butterflies of the surrounding countryside.

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