The Yoda Wewa (or lake) at our doorstep is believed to have been constructed by King Mahanga in the late 3rd century BC when it was known in historical documents as Duratissa Wewa. King Illanga expanded it in the 1st century BC and it is also recorded that over one thousand years later, King Parakramabahu (1153-1186) ordered some much needed repairs.

At The Yala Adventure we have fibre glass canoes available for you to try gentle kayaking on the water, according to weather conditions. We also have a small, local catamaran with two hulls supporting a raft, which you can use with a village boatman to tour the lake.

Trips can be made by the catamaran to explore the uninhabited Bird Island in the centre of the lake, and we can also arrange camping in a mobile tent on the island. Guests can assist local fishermen either helping them put out their nets at night or, perhaps more satisfying, help them to hauling in the nets in the morning to see fish trapped overnight.

It’s fascinating just to sit and watch the aquatic birds as they circle and dive into the water to catch fish. While the lake loses water in the dry season, it is at its best from December to January. No motorised boats or motorised water sports are allowed on the lake.

What is included:
• Catamaran or kayak with experienced local guide
• Modern, secure life jackets and safety equipment• Water & refreshment
• Binoculars for bird enthusiasts


Duration –  3 to 4 Hours (Half Day)

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