Sri Lanka has 245 different types of butterfly with 26 spices are endemic and each province now has one as its emblem. Some butterflies in Sri Lanka are, however, an endangered species, as developers encroach on their natural habitat. Although the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance lists all butterflies as protected, their environment is not.

Recognising this we have created a dedicated Butterfly Garden at the Yala Adventure. This has been done not only by preserving a wilderness garden but by enhancing it with the introduction and cultivation of plants, flowers and trees that attract butterflies.

Our naturalist will help you identify butterflies in our garden and is also available to guide you on butterfly watching expeditions, either on foot or by bicycle, in the neighbouring woods and fields.

What is included:  A guided tour by our naturalist of the butterfly garden; a guide book about butterflies; magnifying glass.


Duration:  2 To 4 Hours Or Half Day

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