If you have ever seen toddy tappers walking the tightrope tied between neighbouring coconut trees you have probably marvelled at these acrobats.

Toddy tapping is a skill that requires strength and agility as the tappers shin up the tall trunks of palm trees to tap the sap at the crown. Instead of sliding down the tree and climbing up the next one, they walk along coir ropes (made from coconut fibre) strung between the trees. A good tapper could spend several hours aloft, tapping dozens of trees before he descends to the ground.

This is probably the only place in Sri Lanka where you can try the toddy tapper’s tightrope walk yourself in complete safety. We have strung up high-tensile steel cables between a wood apple and a neem tree with a cable to walk along and two as guidance, with safety harness and cable attached so even if you slip, you’ll be safe. You don’t have to climb the tree’s trunk – we provide a ladder. This is an exhilarating experience unique to Sri Lanka, giving you a bird’s eye view of nature.

What is included:  All equipment and safety helmets; guidance by an experienced instructor.

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