Location                           –  Dairy farm  & village curd  processing place

Duration                           – 1 ½  – 2hrs

Starting  time                  – 6.00am

Mode of transport       – Trekking

Cost   1 – 3  PAX  PP     4 PAX & above    -



Sri Lanka is an agricultural country, hence dairy farming is a main livelihood in most  of  the  villages. The southern part of Sri Lanka is particularly popular for buffalo curd as a home  industrial business thereby making it a must see as you explore Sri Lanka’s southern charm. The Yala Adventure Responsible Trail gives you  a glimpse into this charm enriching the experience that you seek…

In the early morning you will be  engaging in this activity with village dairy farmers. Along with the farmers, you may participate to lead the cows to the lake or their shelters and also engage in the task of milking the cows. This may be your once in a  life  time  experience  to  drink  fresh  milk  on the  spot too! Next, you can  help the farmers to  take milk pots  to their  houses to make curd in the traditional way.

(if you are more interested about the Sri Lankan community dairy farming, our Responsible Trail Guide will give you a detailed explanation)

Thereafter, you  may participate  in  the traditional  curd  processing  with a village farmer and his family.


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