Location                             –  Village clay pottery making  house .

Duration                            –  2 hrs

Starting  time                   –  9.00am

Mode of transport        –  Jeep 4×4

Cost  1 – 3  PAX  PP        -  4 PAX & above    

Excursion Ref No          – TYA017/2/CPM


Sri Lankans from the ancient times have been privileged with many natural resources to  develop their day to day lives enabling invention and creation of various objects. One such example is the traditional clay pot used for cooking. The Yala Adventure Responsible Trail gives you  a glimpse into this experience of pottery making enriching the experience that you seek…

You can take part in the pottery making process along with the village community who will eagerly welcome you. Here you will be a witness to the transformation of  the raw material clay  into pottery. You will see the art of framing pottery in  the traditional way and how they improve it to the modern  way.

As you experience the art of pottery making and engage with the villagers tasting a cup of tea or a herbal drink, you will  have  the  opportunity  to get a better picture about the local livelihood and the rural lifestyle.


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