Location                        –  Yoda Wewa

Duration                        –  3hrs

Starting  time                – Morning /Evening 

Mode of transport     – Catamaran

Cost  1 – 3  PAX  PP     4 PAX & above    

Excursion Ref No      –  TYA017/3/FC


Fishing  is  a   very  famous  and interesting  hobby  among  many  tourists. If  you  can  join a  real  fisherman in lake  fishing [fresh water  fishing ] it certainly  will add to the  excitement and make it a unique experience you would not want to miss. In this real  fishing  experience, The Yala Adventure   gives you the opportunity to fish with the fishing  community  where you  can experience  both   traditional  and  modern  techniques  they  use  after   laying  the  fishing  net till  it  catches  the bait. You will also  visit the  nearby  bird  island  where you may taste king  coconut and relax  in  the chill  breeze.

Thereafter, you may collect the fish and hand  over to the farmer house to fry. Next, you will have a scrumptious meal presented to you comprising the cooked fish that you helped to catch!


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