Location                         –  In-house bee honey farm .

Duration                         –  1hr

Starting  time                – Morning / Evening

Mode of transport      – Trekking

Cost PP                             -

Excursion Ref No     – TYA017/4/BF


Bee honey is an energetic food especially for children and senior citizens. To the Yala Adventure bee honey farming has a special significance as it has been one of its CSR projects; an initiation to develop bee keeping.

Honey bees have their own unique behavior pattern  and to experience  the  wonder of   the world  of  bees,  one must observe carefully. At the Yala Adventure, we are enthusiastic to introduce the bee farming excursion to our guests to add a unique experience to their  lives. Here you can enhance your knowledge about the life cycle of bees, their behavior, the bee queen and its behavior and of course how to do bee farming. The excursion also gives you the opportunity to taste pure fresh bee honey that is undoubtedly a must that completes the overall experience!


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