Location                        –  Hotel garden /In-house clay-mud house

Duration                        –  1 ½ hrs

Starting  time               –  Morning /Evening

Cost PP                            -

Excursion Ref No    – TYA017/5/CTM


Sri Lanka is a country with many traditional industries. Toddy tapping is one of them that has been popular since ancient times. The Yala Adventure Responsible Trail gives you the opportunity to feel the adventure of toddy tapping  enriching the experience that you seek…

In this excursion, you will be gaining a lot of knowledge about the traditional method of toddy tapping while engaging with the local  community as they tap the coconut flower and get palm syrup. From this syrup, we will make tasty coconut treacle for which your participation is required. Finally, it will come to the time that you taste it with curd or perhaps you may see how a Sri Lankan traditional sweet is made out of the treacle that you helped to make!


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